Pressure Testing and Maintaining Water Resistancy

Our Testing Equipment

We use top of the line European made equipment to test your cherished timepieces for water resistancy. This will assure your watch meets the factory specifications.

Tips for Maintaining Water Resistancy

Timepieces are classified by their degree of water resistance, which roughy translates to the following (1 meter = 3.28feet).

30 meters (3 ATM , 100 ft) Will withstand rain or splashes of water and accidental immersion, but should not be worn while showering, swimming or diving.

50 meters (5 ATM, 165 ft) Suitable for showering or swimming in shallow water.

100 meters (10 ATM, 330 ft) Suitable for swimming or snorkeling.

500 meters (50 ATM, 1650 ft) Appropriate for serious deep water diving.

Do not wear your watch in a hot bath tub, or jump into cold water from a very hot air temperatature. Also a void contact with chemicals such as chlorine, or perfume or hairspray. Do not use push button functions or turning bezels under water. Screw the crown in carefully to ensure that no water enters.


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