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Everyone loves a shiny, chic piece of jewelry— but after you walk out of the store, it’s easy to forget that what keeps your piece shiny and chic is maintenance. There are many different forms of maintenance, which should depend upon the metals and gems used.

Basic Jewelry Maintenance Tips

To retain your piece’s value and luster, you need to make sure you do the following:

  • Clean your jewelry pieces regularly at home or at FAST-FIX at no charge
  • Have your jewelry inspected on a regular basis, also complimentary at FAST-FIX
  • Take care of a repair as soon as possible, at FAST-FIX of course!
  • Avoid exposing jewelry to chemicals

How to Take Care of Different Metals

  • For platinum jewelry, bring any pieces to a professional jeweler for polishing
  • For yellow gold jewelry, you can use many of the cleaning solutions on the market, but it is advised to at least bring in these pieces to a professional once a year
  • For white gold jewelry, you need to bring it in once a year for professional polishing and rhodium finish
  • For silver jewelry, you can use many tarnish removing products but it is also advised you bring these pieces in regularly to a professional (also store these pieces in tarnish-resistant bags)
  • You can maintain pearl jewelry by washing the pieces in tepid water mixed with a little bit of dish soap

At Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs, we have the proper equipment and parts in stock so we can repair your treasured jewelry in one hour or less!

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